Radio Diaries are essentially weekly surveys that capture the radio listening habits of all individuals 12 years of age and older living in randomly selected households across various Canadian markets.

For a one-week period you and your fellow participants are asked to record, in writing, which radio stations you listen to throughout the day based on 15-minute increments. One Diary is provided for each individual 12 years of age and older living in your household. You're also asked to capture the time you are not listening to the radio.

Upon receipt, Numeris scans the completed Diaries and compiles databases of audience behaviour based on age and gender for each market. Radio stations, advertising agencies and advertisers then use this data to determine who listens to what programs in what format, and to buy and sell commercial air time.

You should note that we combine your data with information from other Radio Diaries to produce ratings about groups of people, not individual people or individual households, and we never disclose the names, addresses or phone numbers of survey participants. In other words, your privacy will not be compromised.


One Diary per week is provided for each individual 12 years of age and older living in your household. Starting on a Monday, each individual is asked to fill out his or her Diary.

At the end of the survey week, simply mail your household's Diaries back to Numeris using the postage-paid envelopes.



By now, you have hopefully received your Radio Diary. Please rest assured that all the information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be released to any marketers or sales people.

Ready to begin? Let's walk through the steps together.

Step 1: Record your personal radio listening
Step 2: Tell us about yourself
Step 3: Return your Radio Diary




Below are survey section samples and instructions to help you record your radio listening. Please record listening details whenever you listen to the radio for five minutes or longer. Also, be sure to carry your Diary with you at all times so that you can record your listening wherever it occurs.


IMPORTANT! If you don't listen to the radio at all on a particular day, please mark an (x) at the bottom of the page where indicated. This lets us know that you didn't simply forget to complete your Diary for that day.

Radio Diary Excerpt: Time of Listening 

Locate the day and the 15-minute time slot during which you listened to the radio. Provided you listened for at least five minutes during that time slot, record your listening. If you listened to more than one station in a 15-minute period, record details of the station you listened to the most.

Radio Diary Excerpt: Station Listened To 

Write the station name or on-air ID, as well as the dial position, in the space provided. Also, mark an [x] in either the AM or FM box for each station entry.

Radio Diary Excerpt: Listening Location 

Use these columns to tell us where you were when you were listening by marking an (x) in the appropriate column. For example, if you were listening to the radio in a car or on a train, mark an (x) in the column labeled Vehicle. If you were listening to the radio at a friend's home, mark an (x) in the column labeled Other.

As indicated here, please insert vertical lines to indicate how long you listened to a station and to indicate when you changed your listening location – even if you continued listening to the same station.


Last but not least, if you didn't listen to the radio at all on a particular day, please mark an (x) at the bottom of the page where indicated.



Radio Diary Excerpt: Demographic Questions 

To help us understand what type of music and formats you like and what kind of products are popular among members of your household, please answer the questions at the front of the Diary.

Radio Diary Excerpt: Your Station List 

Please list all of the radio stations you listened to during the survey week. Provide as much of the following information as possible for each radio station: station name, dial position, AM or FM status and location (city/town). This will help us credit your listening to the correct radio stations.



Thank you for completing your Radio Diary. Please take a few moments to make sure you have answered all of the questions and completed the Radio tuning portion entirely. Please also check to make sure we have your correct postal code.

As soon as each member of your household has completed his or her Diary, place that Diary in its own postage-paid envelope and mail it back to us. Remember, it doesn't matter how much or how little listening took place. Even if an individual has not listened to the radio at all that week, we need the Diary returned.

Please try to return your Radio Diary as soon as that survey week has come to an end so that we can count your radio listening in our ratings.

Again, thank you for your participation.



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If you have any other questions regarding Radio Diary completion and submission, please call one of the following toll-free numbers:


For service in English: 1-800-214-5226
For service in French: 1-800-243-3226