Why are TV surveys conducted?

How do you conduct TV surveys?

When are the surveys conducted?

Why was my household chosen?

How did you get my name and telephone number?

Must I answer all of the questions in the Diary?

Why do you ask personal questions in the survey?

Why did you send me more than one Diary?

I don't watch much TV. What good is my Diary?

Why do I need to answer questions about my cable/satellite service and provider?

What is the minimum viewing time worth recording in my Diary?

What if I'm watching more than one program at the same time?

What if I don't know the program name, call letter or channel number?

Which should I enter in my Diary – the channel number on my TV or the number in the TV listing?

Should I include US, specialty, pay or cable stations?

How do I record tuning to stations available on my satellite?

Should I include programs I watch in another language?

What if I watch TV away from home?

If I watch TV in the middle of the night, where should I record it?

Should I include programs that I watch on my TV via the Internet?

Should I include programs I watch using my PVR/VCR?

Should I include programs I watch on a device other than my TV, e.g. computer, mobile phone, tablet?

What do I write when the PVR is recording but I am watching another program?

What if I have recorded a program but haven't watched it yet?

Should I include rented movies or shows?

Should I record video gaming?

What if I don't watch TV for one or more days of the survey week?

I started filling in the Diary before the survey week began. What should I do?

I recorded my viewing on the wrong day. What should I do?

My children are too young to fill in the Diary. What should I do?

What if a friend watches TV at our house?

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