What is Numeris' Meter Panel?

Once I've joined, how long must I stay on the panel?

What should I tell people who ask about my PPM?

Will the equipment interfere with my radio or TV reception?

Will the PPM still pick up the signal if my TV is on mute?

Does listening to more radio or watching more TV increase my reward points?

Sometimes I listen to the radio on the Internet, through my cable TV or via Podcasts. Will my PPM pick up these signals?

What if I drop my PPM in the water or on the ground?

What if we take a vacation?

Will someone need to visit my home to hook up the equipment?

How will my Panel Administrator contact me?

Why was my household chosen?

How did you get my name and telephone number?

What if I didn't choose the station I'm watching or listening too?

Do I need to push any buttons on my meter or do anything special?

If I'm watching a TV show on my tablet or smart phone, do I still need to wear my PPM?

Should I contact you if a family member moves out or somebody new moves in?

If my entire family goes out for the day, should we take all of our PPMs with us or will one suffice?

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