Below are highlights of the core services available to you as a meter member. Interested in joining? Give one of our Member Services Executives a call and they will be happy to help you access Numeris data.

  • Average Weekly Intab trends by Demographic

    Track the number of people in the panel each week and compare to previous year. Available for Total Canada and meter markets.

  • Average Weekly Intab trends by Reception Type

    Track the number of people in the panel each week by reception type (satellite, cable, off-air) and compare to previous year. Available for Total Canada and meter markets.

  • Average Weekly Viewing trends by Station Group

    This high-level look at audience viewing by station group (conventional and specialty) enables you to track shifts in viewing trends year over year. Available for Total Canada and meter markets.

  • Communiques

    Find out what's making news at Numeris. Receive immediate notification of any changes to your membership services and the impact these changes may have on your day-to-day business transactions.

  • Cross Media

    Single source TV and Radio meter data that is a valuable planning and research tool. Coupled with the Radio and TV currency data, the cross media database offers additional insights and allows members to gain a powerful new understanding of cross media usage in Canada.

  • Daily First Rated (DFR)

    Learn who watched what last night, and when they watched it. Available for time blocks only in meter markets, Ontario and Quebec Franco.

  • Geographic Reference Guide

    Gain a thorough understanding of your different selling, buying and planning geographic areas. Includes visual representation in the form of maps for TV and radio markets, population estimates, and list of areas and their cells.

  • Market Impact Calendars

    Learn what market events – for example, holidays, school breaks, sports, world news and weather – may have influenced TV viewing and radio listening in your buying and selling markets.

  • Meter Primetime Report

    Find out how your program did compared to the competition in the same time block. Available for English meter markets by half-hour time block.

  • Monthly Market Listening Trends

    Understand the listening trends for key demographics in the markets in which you’re buying, selling, and programming. For example, are more 25 to 54 year olds listening outside the home? How much time do 18 to 34 year olds spend tuned in? Covers total radio, AM and FM, Monday through Sunday, 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., in and out of the home, for multiple demographics.

  • Monthly Sample Trends

    Track average daily sample by demographic by market and compare to previous year. Make better sense of audience numbers by understanding the age and gender composition of the meter panel.

  • Program Overnights

    View a list of programs by station and find out how specific programs performed last night. Available for Total Canada and English markets.

  • Radio Meter Databook

    Find out how many people radio reaches on a weekly basis, how many hours they tune in, and whether they’re listening in or out of the home. Available at the meter market level.

  • Radio Meter Top Line Reports

    Find out which stations are the most popular among male and female listeners of different buying and selling demographics and compare to previous month. Available for each meter market.

  • Radio Station Guide

    From new stations and format changes to off air reports and station profiles, find out what's happening with member stations in the market and be better equipped to make wise buying, planning and programming decisions.

  • Research & Reference Materials (TV)

    Learn the ins and outs of Numeris methodology – i.e. how panels are built and surveys completed – with the help of our TV reference documents. A number of research reports and whitepapers are also available, such as TV Viewing and Social Media, Media Technology Trends, including HDTV penetration, and Playback and PVR use in the Canadian market place.

  • Research & Reference Materials (Radio)

    Access information that will help you understand the ins and outs of Numeris methodology – i.e. how panels are built and surveys completed – as well as research. Learn how methodology and research directly impact how you plan, buy, sell and program radio. Topics include heavy tuners, Christmas tuning, tuning habits of 18 – 24 year olds, radio usage at different life stages, cultural diversity and more.

  • RTS

    Gain a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and the product/services they consume - for the top 9 markets and nationally as well. Return To Sample is Canada's largest consumer media survey that combines qualitative details with Numeris' radio ratings.

  • Technical Incident Report

    For a greater understanding of potential impact on audience numbers, access a summary of off-air reports and non-encoding events to learn if an interruption in service occurred to a station's signal.

  • TV Meter Databook

    Gain insights into TV viewing habits at Total Canada and meter market levels. Learn how many people TV is reaching on a weekly basis. Find out how many hours people are watching each week. Discover whether they’re watching TV in or out of the home and gain insight into distant signal viewing.

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