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Become a member today and gain access to Canada's authoritative source for audio and video measurement. Provide input on how the broadcasting industry is being measured today and how it should be measured going forward. Attend annual update meetings to learn about any changes to broadcast measurement, as well as other issues that could impact your membership. Plus, visit our secure, members-only site for access to leading edge research on the Canadian media landscape.

We'll even assign you a dedicated Member Services Executive who will train and support you so that you get the most out of your membership.

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Find out how your TV program performed last night, learn who your core radio listeners are, and discover who's watching or listening to your competitors. As a broadcaster, a Numeris membership will help you stay competitive by giving you access to comprehensive viewing and listening data for television and radio stations in the Canadian market.

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Gain valuable insight into the Canadian media landscape with the help of viewing and listening data for television and radio stations in the Canadian market. As a Numeris member, you'll enjoy access to information that will help validate your marketing strategies and allocation of media budget.

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Get big-picture data on events and changes that impact the stations and markets you choose to include in your broadcast campaigns. Gain access to demographic and qualitative data on listeners and viewers so that you can better match clients with consumers. As an agency, a Numeris membership better equips you to plan and buy strategically on behalf of your clients.

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You don't need to be a broadcaster, advertiser or agency professional to enjoy the benefits of Numeris data. Regardless of the organization you represent, if you're interested in obtaining broadcast data for the Canadian market, we're interested in discussing a licensee arrangement to meet your needs.

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