Below, a few of our talented employees share highlights of their experience at Numeris.

A Numeris employee 

Anita Boyle Evans

Director, Member Engagement, TV


I wanted to be an integral part of the broadcast industry so Numeris was an obvious choice for me. I love interacting with people. I love the challenge of ensuring that multiple clients with unique requirements each have their needs met and their expectations exceeded. Perhaps the best part for me is forming and maintaining relationships with our members and licensees, both broadcasters and agencies. While challenging at times, it's great to see new relationships grow in the right direction and existing ones strengthen. Of course, it's also pretty cool being able to rhyme off stats on new TV shows!

A Numeris employee 


Business Systems Analyst


Throughout my career, I was searching for a work-life balance that I finally found at Numeris. I look forward to going into work each morning; I have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of systems that create value for the business, both in terms of operational excellence and the implementation of ideas that drive business growth, while working with smart and interesting colleagues that have the same goals. I also feel lucky to have a management team that not only challenges me, but provides opportunities to grow and learn. I believe in quality work, and I feel fortunate that Numeris has this same supportive vision.

A Numeris employee 

Irina Kharakh

Accounting Supervisor


I choose to work at Numeris because it offers life-work balance. It's become my second family and I feel extremely fortunate to work for such a wonderful organization. I look forward to going to work each day and working with true professionals and learning something new. Numeris is also very supportive when it comes to the educational development of its employees. I'm in the final stage of earning my CGA designation and greatly appreciate Numeris' help in achieving this.

A Numeris employee 

Derrick Gray

Director, Research Sample Design & Control


In my role, I get to use many of my skills as a statistician to solve very unique problems. Few get the opportunity to work with radio and TV data; the insights are fascinating. I get to work with some of the smartest and most interesting people I've ever had the chance to work with. I've also had the benefit of a strong manager who not only challenges me but gives me opportunities to grow and learn. I'm fortunate to work in an open, dynamic, positive environment here at Numeris. Who wouldn't want to be a part of something great?

A Numeris employee 

Fred DeHaan

Director, Respondent Contact Centres


I work with a very capable, engaged and even quirky team in the Contact Centres – we have lots of personality! From the front line to management, we're genuinely driven to find ways to build better media for our members. One thing I find extremely satisfying here is the autonomy the leadership team has given us, and the confidence it has in our team to creatively meet and surpass goals and objectives. Sure, this confidence has been earned and demonstrates trust, but it also creates opportunities for truly meaningful work.

A Numeris employee 

Serge Plante

National Manager, PPM Panel Administration


I chose to begin my career at Numeris 29 years ago because of the working conditions and the stability the company was able to offer me as a young man starting out. I've stayed with Numeris all these years for a number of reasons. Numeris promotes employee growth and it offers employees many challenges that give one a real sense of self-accomplishment. I've also had the opportunity to work with many great people. The team spirit is really what makes this company very different.