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Why are radio surveys conducted?

How do you conduct Radio surveys?

When are the surveys conducted?

Why was my household chosen?

How did you get my name and telephone number?

Must I answer all of the questions in the Diary?

Why do you ask personal questions in the survey?

Why did you send me more than one Diary?

I don't listen to the radio much. What good is my Diary?

What is the minimum listening time worth recording in my Diary?

What if I switch stations during a 15-minute period?

What if I don't know the name of the station?

Is the AM/FM part important?

What if I didn't choose the station?

Should I include programs I listen to in another language?

Should I include US or international stations?

What if I listen to the radio away from home?

If I listen to the radio in the middle of the night, where should I record it?

Why do I have to fill out the Station List when I've already recorded what I listened to?

How do I include listening to Sirius or XM?

What if I don't listen to the radio for one or more days of the survey week?

I started filling in the Diary before the survey week began. What should I do?

I recorded my listening on the wrong day. What should I do?

What if a friend listens to the radio at our house?

If I'm listening to the radio while working from home, should I check off Home or Work?

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